Top 10 Free Android Apps for Girls

I’ve seen countless lists out there for top android apps around. Most of them are pretty similar, since the recommended apps are always great, but as I’ve hunted down apps from the Market, I’ve found some really fantastic apps that can cater especially to women:

Sound Hound – Sound Hound is the app I have been dreaming of. No longer do I have to scrounge in my glove compartment, looking for a pen and napkin to scribble obscure lyrics on in hope of Googling them later. Sound Hound can quickly recognize any song and tell you the singer and song title.

For added fun, try singing to Sound Hound and see if it can guess what you’re singing. Just don’t get your feelings hurt when it thinks your rendition of Celion Dion sounds more like Michael Jackson.

Evernote – I love Evernote because it lets you manage lists, save website clippings, recipes,  photos, etc, and sync all that data together across your  phone, home computer and web browser together. Super easy, sleek looking, and fun to use.

My Days – This great little app is a calendar that lets your record your “womanly times” of the month. What is really fantastic is that it can predict next month’s visit from mother nature (don’t plan on wearing your white bathing suit for that upcoming beach vacation), as well as tell you what days you’ll be ovulating and most fertile.

my days

My Days App

Action Potato – This underrated game from Sunflat is very simple, and yet adorable and highly addictive. My friends and I have spent many a long car ride trying to beat eachother’s high score.

Fx Camera – This camera app is great because it offers several different fun modes to use, such as Polaroid, Fisheye, and Warhol, among others.

Groupon / Living Social – Who doesn’t love these two? Any savy girl shopper will want these apps close at hand, whether it means getting a great deal on this season’s newest threads, or getting a sweet dinner deal.

Robot Unicorn Attack ($0.99) – OK, so I had to throw one paid app in here. But I assure you, it’s worth the $0.99. Control a robotic, rainbow-maned unicorn as you jump through purple grass, smash into giant stars, and gallop with robotic dolphin pals. It’s like Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony did tons of drugs and had a baby. The music is what really takes the cake for this game. You’ll never forget it. When it’s cold…outside…

Yelp – My friends and I often decide to get food on a whim, rarely planning out where we want to eat. But wasting money on a bad meal is never fun. Yelp is an awesome way to see what the nearby recommended eats are, so you’ll never suffer through a bad meal again.

Endomondo – This workout app has some really great options available with it – it can track your speed, distance, calories burned, and can sync up with music. It also gives you workout goals such as beating a friend, beating your personal best, etc.

Angry Birds – the obvious but loveable choice.

OK, so I know pretty much all of these apps can be enjoyed by guys and girls alike. I guess really I just wanted to point out “My Days” because I think it is so fantastic and handy, but gets very little attention because, let’s face it, usually guys write about technology, and they certainly don’t need to track any monthly movements.




Tomato Transformation

I just want to say a few quick things about an amazing veggie:


Or as I call it, the tomatoe. (tom-a-toe).

My love of the tomato is actually quite new – in fact, my true love of the red bulbous guy started only this summer.


delicious tomatoes

For the past years, I’ve been quite indifferent to the tomato. As a kid I was a terribly picky eater, with tomatoes being a pretty formidable foe. In fact, I was such a picky eater that  my pasta dinners would simply be buttered noodles. No sauce. Nada.

Of course, like all kids, ketchup is a totally different breed from a real tomato, so that guy was safe.

As I got older, my taste experiences changed drastically. In only the span of a few years I went from eating mostly grilled chicken and mac n cheese to loving pesto, tabouli, hummus, thai food, indian food, edamame, you name it!

With my glorious growth in flavor understanding, I let the tomato get its foot in the door. I would never just eat tomatos of course. Who does that? But I stopped swatting them off my sandwiches and welcomed them as a valuable component of delicious dishes.

But then this summer, that all changed. You see, first I started reading this great book, “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver (OK, quick side note. Do you remember when you started caring about the author? I remember as a kid at reading circle, never understanding why they read the author’s name. Who the heck cares? I just want to know the title and get on with it! But then, eventually, you get it- the author is everything! They made this wonderful story. Suddenly the author becomes far more important than the title. Weird).

OK, so, Barbara Kingsolver. Great book about her family dedicating themselves to living off the land of their farm for a whole year. Local only. Anyway, there was one chapter where she talks a ton about tomatoes. About how plentiful they are in August, how much more delicious home-grown tomatoes are compared to the watery pathetic things you find in grocery stores. She claimed that is why so many Americans are ambivalent about tomatoes. A light bulb went off – I’m totally ambivalent about tomatoes. She is talking to me! The book is telling me – maybe they deserve another chance.

That mental block disappearing was probably the biggest step- I had grown very accustomed to not caring for tomatoes, so re-assessing my relationship with them was big.

Barbara’s book made me decide to resurrect my own failed garden attempts from the past. I dug out my old carrot and string bean seeds, and bought some snap pea and tomato seeds too, as well as buying an already-alive tomato guy in case my seeds failed.

Let me tell you, this gardening experience was just great. I loved going out into the garden barefoot in the early mornings, before it got too hot out. I would dig my toes into the dirt and examine my plants. I would whisper encouragements when they began to sprout out of the ground, and reassured them and congratulated them as they grew. The first tomato made me so proud – like a parent watching her child graduate.

And let me tell you – Barbara was right about those grocery store tomatoes. Maybe part of the reason why the ones I grew taste better is because I produced them myself. But I can assure you that, pride and self-congratulatory-ness aside, these tomatoes tasted incredible! I swear, they were unlike anything I’ve ever had before. These guys and their grocery store pals are worlds apart.

Suddenly I couldn’t get enough of the tomatoes – tomato and mozzella, tomato and cheese sandwiches, tomato crepes. I could no longer imagine a world, or even a single meal, without tomatoes in them.

Perhaps the biggest step I took was today though – seeing a half of a sliced tomato in the fridge, I dug out the tender red pieces and tossed them in my mouth. No salt, no cheese, no pasta, just tomato. And it was glorious.

So if you haven’t had a locally grown tomato from a farmer’s market – go now and get one!       It might change your life.

Class a le crepe

So last Thursday I took this awesome creperie class at Dore Creperie. Finally my dream of having my own creperie takes its first steps! Dore Creperie is one of the few creperies in Boston. It opened up relatively recently and is situated in the financial district of Boston at 1 Beacon st.

The class is normally about $70/per person, but I lucked out and scored a Living Social deal that cut that price in half. My roommate arrived promptly at 6pm and we were immediately offered free drinks while waiting for others to show up. The class was small and intimate – only 6 or 7 people, providing plenty of one on one attention.

The class started off with a brief history of the crepe, believed to be originated in Rome and then traveling to France, where it become the well-known dish it is today. Originally, crepes were the food of the proletariat, and made from buckwheat with an egg cooked in the middle for a hearty meal.

Only later did Paris restaurants alter the original crepe and make it into the delicious delectable as we know it today.

As we learned about the crepe’s history, we got to try a roman crepe, the poor man’s crepe, and the more well known fancy crepe (strawberry and nuttella!). While the fig and walnut roman crepe was fine enough, the buckwheat tasted pretty horrific to me – I definitely prefer today’s modern crepe.

proletariat crepe

proletariat crepe

Strawberry and Nutella Crepe

Strawberry and Nutella Crepe

Dore Creperie

Makin' Crepes

Next we took up our cooking stations and learned how to make savory and sweet batter (the savory batter has spices while the sweet relies on sugar). Next we practiced making crepes on the round professional griddles. Let me say, it looks much easier then it is! But we got to practice a lot and I finally got a hang of it.

Batter Making

Batter Making

Then we had the chance to make our own original crepes, free to use any of the restaurants goodies! People made some awesome combinations. I made a goat cheese, tomato, basil, and mushroom savory crepe, and then a nutella, walnut, and strawberry crepe. Needless to say, deliciousness ensued.

Roommate makes crepe

My Roommate Makes a Crepe!

By the end of the class, I had eaten so many crepes, I wondered if I’d ever want to see another ever again. We were surprised to have our class end with the kind folks at Dore handing out bags of savory and sweet batter, as well as a gift certificate for our next visit to Dore – a very sweet surprise!

Yummy Crepe

Enjoying My Creation

It was a really fantastic and enjoyable class, I’m so glad I did it and highly recommend it to anyone remotely interested in crepes.

Normally when I am set on enjoying a delicious crepe, I head over to Paris Creperie in Coolidge Corner. Only a few T stops away, Paris Creperie makes fantastic crepes full of delicious fillings.

Comparing the two creperies, I’m not sure there is a clear winner. Having taken the class at Dore makes me feel some loyalty towards them, and I really like their fun and friendly atmosphere. Paris Creperie feels more like a mortuary at times with its dark and quiet atmosphere. But the variety of crepes is incredible, and the fillings are perfection.

When ordering the Apple and Brie crepe at Dore, the fillings were very disappointing. Granted, they are very new and learning a lot, but Paris certainly takes the win for fillings.

I will say that I think Dore’s crepes are more reasonably priced, and I believe as workers continue to practice the art of le crepe, their artistry will improve.

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